Enter the INFINITE NOW with the Body as Mantra

 “Simply committing to the Now creates a trajectory of change that’ll fulfill every desire. The fulfillment never stops. It’s an endless journey taken one breath at a time.”

Yoga is not exercise, it’s therapy. Using the body as Mantra, Meditative Yoga is the easiest thing in the world. Everyone is already an expert meditator.  Everyone can practice their version of Yoga. Jeffers’ work enables the practitioner to discover this hidden skill.  The secret is non-struggling: not holding the breath, not pressing into pain, using the postures to experience the body thoroughly, as it is. This inundates the body with consciousness; and the body heals and thrives.

David Jeffers is a 40 year meditator who has taught over 4000 Yoga classes, living and teaching in the Palm Springs area for over 20 years.

For more information, contact David Jeffers, at (760) 321-1581